Monday, 15 June 2009

Twinning Cavalieri del Mare - CKCS

On 13-14 June 2009 a twinning between I Cavalieri del Mare (The Sea Knights) and the Canoa Kayak Club Salento. was ratified in the fresh waters of Porto Selvaggio and under the walls of the old town of Gallipoli. The shining sun, the limpid sea and the North wind were the withnesses.

Since the beginning the sea has been the link between the peoples and facilitated their dialog and exchanges. For our small clubs the sea has been the catalyst of a new agreement. With a paddle in one hand and a glass of beer in the other one, the kayakers from Lecce and Bari discovered a common way of thinking.
The touring kayak is an attitude that starts from the love for the wildlife and the respect for the nature, to reinforce the universal values of solidariety and brotherhood.

It needs that the whole Italian society and in particular the decision-makers understand the meaning of kayaking in order to promote its diffusion instead of fighting against it, as sometimes it seems they do.

From today on the Sea Knights and the CKCS are united with a common purpose and summon up all the paddlers from Apulia.

(The photos are available in the "Our magic Moments" section)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Tremiti on my mind

Only two days spent at the Tremiti Islands taste of eternity. Tucked away in their breathtaking nature it seemed to me the clock stopped away. The cries of the Diomedes and of the Seagulls, the real masters of the islands, excel among the sounds. Made deaf by their cries, made dumb by the wonderful landscape, I felt myself as on a movie set, far from the reality.

What took me there?
Certainly it was the initative of my friends from the Canoa Kayak Club Salento. But first of all it was my curiosity and my willing to change. The endless winter in the city and the daily troubles made my life sad and flat.

The Tremiti Islands satisfied my desires. Their small grandeur calmed down my children and my worried wife, and gave me a magic moment.

(For further photos taken at the Tremiti Islands please click on "Our Magic Moments")

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Marlin by Prijon

I met only by phone Mr. Speroni (the holder of Tuttocanoa in Milan) but I understood he is a guru at once. He is a paddling enthusiast who quickly understands what you need and heartly suggests what it is better for you.
Thanks to his advices now I am the lucky owner of a Marlin by Prijon, a sea kayak made of High Performance Thermoplastic (HTP), beautiful to see and fantastic to ride.

You should wear the Marlin as a glove to discover its great qualities. It shows itself particularly safe and manageable in most severe conditions with high wind and waves. In such conditions it discloses its strong personality.

When you first try it don't let yourself be threatened with its tippy feeling. It is done on purpose and it seems to be the main feature of top kayaks by Prijon. Few paddlings are enough to feel yourself confortable. Actually its secondary stability is high and its speed is considerable.

The attention to detail and the waterline design make you aware of the great effort Prijon has spent on the Marlin project.

Thank you Prijon, and many thanks to Mr. Speroni too.

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Monday, 9 March 2009

The first golden rule: maintain your physique

Spring is starting. The Sea Knigts should get a well suited athletic condition to face waves and wind with safety. But how to do that? They find their source of inspiration in the canoeing gym of the CUS Bari.

The coach Dario Bianchini, recommends the Sea Knights for a 15'-30' warm-up run and sets of 8-12 exercises with light weights to improve abs, lower back, chest, lats, shoulders, traps, biceps, triceps, forearms, hamstrings, quads and calves.

Here is a typical set of exercises.

1) DECLINE CRUNCH (Abdominals)



4) BUTTERFLY (Chest)



7) LEG EXTENSIONS (Quadriceps)

8) LYING LEG CURLS (Hamstrings)


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